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How to Apply to the Online Film Critics Society

Want to become a member of the oldest and most prominent organization for online film critics? First, please review the Article III. Membership section of our bylaws before placing your application. The link to the application is included at the bottom of this page. The application process was updated in 2019.

Applications received prior to June 30 of each year will be reviewed for membership in the current year (2019). Applications received after that date will not be reviewed until April of the following year (2020).

Please be patient as our Talent Scouts make their way through the list of applicants. Application reviews will be conducted through the end of June. Not all decisions will be rendered prior to then.

We are the end of our application acceptance period for 2019. You are welcome to submit an application, but please be advised that we will not review it until next year.

OFCS Membership Application

Welcome to the 2020 Application Period for the Online Film Critics Society. Applications will be reviewed beginning in March. Please make sure you've read through the Article III. Membership section of our bylaws before applying. Because of the number of applications submitted each year, the following questions have been designed to hit all of our quantitative requirements and ensure accuracy in processing. Submitting false information can result in a ban from the application process. If you submit a ballot that is honest, but confirms that you do not meet our basic requirements for membership, your application will be rejected without comment and you will have to reapply in 2021. If you make a mistake and are rejected within the current application period, you may request reconsideration by e-mail once you receive your rejection letter. Membership in the Online Film Critics Society is merit-based and is available only to critics who write primarily for the internet. Critics whose work appears in newspapers or magazines and is simply reprinted on the publication's website are not eligible.

About You

This section covers individual personal information about the applicant.

Your Websites

This section requests information on where your reviews are published.

Your Qualifications

This section verifies that you meet the minimum requirements for membership. If you answer a question honestly and you do not meet our basic guidelines, your application will be rejected once we process it and an e-mail sent to notify you of such.


This section will ask you to verify the veracity of the information you provided above.