the OFCS welcomes new member Tyler Foster

The OFCS is delighted to announce that Tyler Foster has been granted membership in the organization. Foster’s reviews appear at DVD Talk, Boxoffice, and The Following Preview.

Foster says:

I have been interested in movies since junior high, but it wasn’t until high school that I took a journalism class and decided I liked writing about film. I ended up as the Arts & Entertainment Editor of my high school (Kentwood Invictus) and college papers (Green River Current) for a combined 5 years before my editor at the time told me that I should only cover local material. I moved to the campus radio station The Pulse 1330 and co-hosted a weekly program called Bullet Time for a year before the radio station closed down and I had to leave school for financial reasons. After three or four years away from film writing, I was accepted to the DVDTalk review panel in February (where I write DVD and theatrical reviews) and the staff in August (where I write features, reviews and daily news updates), and I run The Following Preview, where updates are sporadic now that I write for Boxoffice. I often read other critics and wonder if my writing will ever be as good as theirs, but in the meantime, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

The OFCS welcomes Foster as a member.

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