the OFCS welcomes new member Marilyn Ferdinand

The OFCS is delighted to announce that Marilyn Ferdinand has been granted membership in the organization. Ferdinand’s reviews appear at Ferdy on Films, etc. and The Beachwood Reporter.

Ferdinand says:

Along with my blog partner, Roderick Heath, I maintain Ferdy on Films, etc., a film review and commentary blog dedicated to reviewing films from every corner of the globe, from silents to today’s hottest films. My goals as a film critic are to be accurate, engaging, informative, and ecumenical. I like to shine a light on those “offroad” films that may be overlooked, and I increasingly cover film festivals with complete reviews. I hope my membership in OFCS will help me better my knowledge of film history and criticism, expose me to cinema in other countries I might not have access to, and provide collegial support in the development of my skills and site.

The OFCS welcomes Ferdinand as a member.

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