the OFCS welcomes new member Kim Voynar

The OFCS is delighted to announce that Kim Voynar has been granted membership in the organization. Voynar’s reviews appear at MCN and Film Essent.

Voynar says:

After working for Cinematical since a month or so after its inception, I transitioned over to Movie City News in October 2008. I enjoy films of most genres, though I’m admittedly not crazy about cheesy rom-coms and I’ve only recently begun warming up to horror with a little hand-holding and guidance from horror-buff friends. I particularly enjoy foreign and independent fare, which is a good thing because I spend a good deal of time on the fest circuit. Lately, I have a serious fetish for the Danes.

I hope to be an active participant in OFCS and to serve the organization in whatever way my skills, such as they are, may be of use. When actual skills aren’t needed, I’m always on hand to offer pithy remarks or scintillating conversation.

The OFCS welcomes Voynar as a member.

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