the OFCS welcomes new member Edward Howard

The OFCS is delighted to announce that Edward Howard has been granted membership in the organization. Howard’s reviews appear at Only the Cinema and The House Next Door.

Howard says:

I’m a critic who writes about music, comics and movies, currently focusing mostly on film. I try to approach film from a variety of angles, and write about a wide spectrum of cinema, including foreign and independent film, avant-garde film, and classics. One of the most important values I try to maintain in my film writing is avoiding the constant emphasis on “the now,” the pressure to always write about every new film that comes out, often at the expense of deeper discourse. Instead, I try to just write about whatever interests me at any given moment. I look forward to being a member of OFCS and interacting with more of my fellow film writers.

The OFCS welcomes Howard as a member.

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