the OFCS welcomes new member Anders Wotzke

The OFCS is delighted to announce that Anders Wotzke has been granted membership in the organization. Wotzke’s reviews appear at Cut Print Review.

Wotzke introduces himself:

With so many of today’s films aimed at adolescent audiences, it has always nagged me that there are few legitimate critical voices that spoke from their perspective. The same can be said about Australian films, which often struggle to get the recognition they deserve, nationally and globally.

So as a 20 year old media student living in South Australia, and movie fanatic, I felt that this was a void I could help fill. At first, I began writing reviews for my University’s student magazine, On Dit. As I started to review more films than the magazine could feature, I ventured online and set up my own blog It is here were I realized the brilliance of online criticism; my readership was no longer just my University, it now was the far reaches of the world. With my membership in the OFCS, I hope to further shed light on the Australian film industry and give film criticism a youthful voice (before I lose it!).

The OFCS welcomes Wotzke as a member.

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