the OFCS welcomes new member A.J. Hakari

The OFCS is proud to announce that A.J. Hakari has been granted membership in the organization. Hakari’s reviews appear at Passport Cinema, ReelTalk Movie Reviews, Classic Movie Guide, Review Express, and Terror Tube — and formerly at DVD Clinic and, where his archived reviews can still be found.

Hakari describes himself as:

an 11-year veteran of online film criticism who enjoys dabbling in all genres of film. Though my specialities are the areas of foreign and horror cinema, I enjoy the movies as a whole and bring a playful but informative approach in writing about them. Be they classics or new releases, the latest family romp or festival of fear, I pride myself on my honesty and knowledge of everything film has to offer. I look forward to bringing my style to the OFCS and serving it well in whatever ways I can!

The OFCS welcomes Hakari as a member.

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