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Best of Lists

The 10 Worst Films of 2012

Simon Miraudo @ Quickflix

5 Best Non-Christmas Christmas Movies

Dustin Freeley @ Movies About

The Top 10 Films of 2012

Simon Miraudo @ Quickflix


James Marsh (Shadow Dancer)

Simon Miraudo @ Quickflix


The Wes Anderson Universe

Jamie S. Rich @ Portland Mercury

  • Excerpt: While Anderson’s 1996 debut “Bottle Rocket” is a cult favorite now, at the time it merely hinted at what was to come, and the seeds of the Anderson aesthetic were only just taking root. This should be especially evident for those who partake of all three films at Cinema 21’s “A Very Wes Anderson Christmas.”

Oscar Coverage

Oscar Predictions, 12/10/2012

Jason McKiernan @ Next Projection

  • Excerpt: As the early awards have been discussed, voted on, and announced, various themes are starting to settle in – the themes that invariably start to shape the season’s narrative.

Oscar Preview: Precursor Winners & Losers, Week 3

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Examining the big winners and losers from the third week of Oscar precursors.

Oscar Preview: Weekend of Dec. 14-16, 2012

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Looking at the Oscar chances of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Projection: Oscar – On the Legitimacy of Critics

Jason McKiernan @ Next Projection

  • Excerpt: It’s a long Oscar season with many different pieces on the board. Critics don’t necessarily control those pieces, but they can position them effectively for the people who do.

Other Articles

12/14 DVD releases

Phil Villarreal @

Best Films of 2012

Betty Jo Tucker @ Movie Addict Headquarters

  • Excerpt: A podcast featuring film critics Susan Granger and John P. McCarthy discussing their picks for best movies of 2012

Cinema in Noir Ranks the Best and Worst of 2012, and Reviews the Films You Should See this Month

Candice Frederick @ Reel Talk

  • Excerpt: We look at those films that we thought were underrated (Celeste and Jesse Forever, for instance) and those others we thought should have never got off the ground (*cough* A Thousand Words *cough*).

Exit Lines: Popdose Goes To The Theatre

Bob Cashill @

  • Excerpt: A look at New York theatre includes all the film stars onstage, plus a review of the Killer Joe Blu-ray.

Is River Song Better Than Any Companion?

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

  • Excerpt: The idea that River Song was/is the only Companion to challenge the Doctor intellectually could be accepted if we can accept that a professor of archaeology is far smarter than Companions with degrees in medicine or science, a mathematical prodigy, an amateur scientist, and of course, a fellow Time Lord, one who graduated from the Academy with higher scores than the Doctor himself.

Middle of Nowhere Leads the 2013 Black Reel Award Nominees

Candice Frederick @ Reel Talk

  • Excerpt: Director Ava Duvernay’s absolutely lovely indie drama, Middle of Nowhere, catapults to the top of the list with a staggering nine nominations, including a best picture nod and another for lead actress Emayatzy Corinealdi.

O desastre e o fim do mundo no cinema e televisão

Tiago Ramos @ Split Screen [Portuguese]

Recording Lincoln

Jerry Roberts @ Armchair Cinema

  • Excerpt: The war ended, Lincoln was beloved, he was taken from this earth and his legacy was secured for all time.

Sizzle Reel Wows Viewers

Betty Jo Tucker @ ReelTalk Movie Reviews [Feature Article]

The Trailer for “Pain and Gain” May Actually be Painful to Watch

Candice Frederick @ Reel Talk

  • Excerpt: Just think, if it wasn’t for Magic Mike’s recent success, we wouldn’t be able to see so many desperately mediocre “based on a true story” screenplays masked by a bunch of greasy male bodies on the big screen.

Why Bilbo Baggins? In Defense of The Hobbit

Matthew Lucas @ From the Front Row

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