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OFCS members don’t just write film reviews. Here are several articles you might find interesting.

Best of Lists

2012 So Far: Midterm Top 5

Tony Dayoub @ Cinema Viewfinder

The top 10 films of the year so far

Simon Miraudo @ Quickflix

  • Excerpt: The first half of 2012 is over, and what have we got to show for it? A couple of Snow White movies, two Taylor Kitsch flops, and only four Nicolas Cage flicks. Before we head into the back-end of the year (with The Dark Knight Rises, Magic Mike, Life of Pi, The Master, and Django Unchained still to come), let’s reflect on the good, the great, the grey, and everything in between.


Benh Zeitlin, Quvenzhane Wallis and Dwight Henry on “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

Frank Swietek @ One Guy’s Opinion


Day of the Flowers

Amber Wilkinson @ Eye For Film

  • Excerpt: Always charmingly frothy, even when the narrative threatens to salsa off with the fairies.

The Lifeguard

Amber Wilkinson @ Eye For Film

  • Excerpt: Goes to show that life is often more fascinating than fiction.

Low Definition Control – Malfunctions #0

Amber Wilkinson @ Eye For Film

  • Excerpt: Debates play out over the relevant types of grainy CCTV footage but although branded an “experimental” film, the argument is robust and coherent.

Postcards From The Zoo

Amber Wilkinson @ Eye For Film

  • Excerpt: The picture Edwin paints recalls the postcards of the title, both for good and ill.

¡ Vivan las Antipodas!

Amber Wilkinson @ Eye For Film

  • Excerpt: Kossakovsky takes his time to drink in the visuals and uses his camera creatively to transport us from place to place.

Oscar Coverage

Oscar Preview: Weekend of Jun. 29-Jul. 1, 2012

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: We look at the latest releases and their chances for Oscar consideration.

Other Articles

L’ aaventura

Cole Smithey @

  • Excerpt: “L’avventura” is a haunting film that presages Fellini’s post-modern cinema, and informs the French New Wave that gave way to such iconic auteurs as Jean Luc Goddard.

CD Review: Henning Goes to the Movies

Robert Cashill Cashill @

  • Excerpt: Review of a concept album about movies.

Criticwatch – Three Whores and a Lesson for Studios & People Like Us

Erik Childress @ eFilmCritic

  • Excerpt: A very simple solution is offered to keep studios from using discredited junketeers to promote their films.

Daniel Stamm, Innovative Filmmaker

Betty Jo Tucker @ Movie Addict Headquarters

  • Excerpt: Director/screenwriter Daniel Stamm talks about “The Last Exorcism” and “A Necessary Death,” his first two feature fimls.

I’m Staying Home: The Grand Theater of Jean Renoir

Jamie S. Rich @ Portland Mercury

  • Excerpt: A rundown of some directors and films influenced by Jean Renoir.

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