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Best of Lists

HDD Goodie Bag: Your Horror Blu-rays For Halloween 2013

M. Enois Duarte @ High-Def

Monsters, murderers and Leprechauns take over local moviehouses

Jamie S. Rich @ Oregon Live

  • Excerpt: As calendars turn to October, so too do the thoughts of cinema fans turn to scary movies. Many local theaters are scheduling vintage horror films leading up to Halloween, including classic monster flicks, surreal European slashers, and even tongue-in-cheek trash.


Interview with ‘Parkland’ Director Peter Landesman

Travis Hopson @ Punch Drunk Critics


The 51st New York Film Festival: Part Two

Cole Smithey @

  • Excerpt: The Coen brothers are master curators of culture.

NYFF Loose Ends

Carson Lund @ Are the Hills Going to March Off?

  • Excerpt: Now that my formal coverage of the 51st New York Film Festival has concluded, I wanted to post about some of the stray thoughts that have stuck around in my head since leaving the event. The following are descriptions of scenes, moments, and sensations that stood out in one way or another from the sensory overload that constitutes a film festival.

Sophia Awards 2012: winners

Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

  • Excerpt: Portuguese Film Acdemy Awards – Tabu from Miguel Gomes wins Best Film and Florbela directed by Vicente Alves do Ó wins 6 Sophia awards including Best Actress (Dalila Carmo) and Best Director (Vicente Alves do Ó).

Oscar Coverage

Oscar Preview: Weekend of Oct. 4-6, 2013

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Looking at the Oscar chances for “Gravity”

Projection: Oscar – A Late Arrival to the Land of Confusion

Jason McKiernan @ Next Projection

  • Excerpt: 12 Years a Slave has already rented the posh space vacated by Argo at the end of last season, though Gravity is trying to move out from Life of Pi’s old place to swoop in and claim the prestigious spot.

Other Articles

Criticwatch – The Gravity of Peter Travers

Erik Childress @ eFilmCritic

Destroy All Monsters: Breaking Lost And The Infancy Of Series Finales

Matt Brown @ Twitch

In Defense of Pamela Voorhees

Candice Frederick @ Reel Talk

  • Excerpt: Yesterday I asked twitter the following question: Who’s scarier: Jason or Jason’s mom?”

In Pursuit of the Ultimate #SlatePitch: A Flavorwire Investigation

Jason Bailey @ Flavorwire

  • Excerpt: In an attempt to understand this feverish pile-up of Slate pitches, and where they go from here, Flavorwire has exclusively obtained the following chain of emails between two high-ranking Slate editors*, whose names have been redacted for legal purposes.

The Morning After: Oct. 7, 2013

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Brief review of “Gravity”

Oct. 8 new releases

Phil Villarreal @

Star Trek Retrospective: The Six Best Star Trek Films

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

  • Excerpt: The greatest Star Trek film is the one that was just remade but we all are asked to pretend it’s all original.

Star Trek Retrospective: The Six Worst Star Trek Films

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

  • Excerpt: The best of the worst Star Trek films is the one that is basically a Wrath of Khan remake. It’s well-done, but a remake all the same.

Who Cares If a Great Movie Like ‘The Shining’ Is a Bad Adaptation?

Jason Bailey @ Flavorwire

  • Excerpt: Almost point for point, she’s right — Kubrick’s film is not a good adaptation of King’s work. But it’s also a great film, so the quality of the adaptation is patently irrelevant.

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