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OFCS members don’t just write film reviews. Here are several articles you might find interesting.


Daniel Bruhl (Rush)

Simon Miraudo @ Quickflix

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on “Don Jon”

Nell Minow @

Stuart Blumberg (Thanks for Sharing)

Simon Miraudo @ Quickflix


The 51st New York Film Festival: Part One

Cole Smithey @

  • Excerpt: Here’s your video guide to the 51st New York Film Festival

Berwick 2013: Border tensions

Michael Pattison @ Sight & Sound

  • Excerpt: While a concentration upon local identity might appear conservative, for instance, this year’s festival was as much about preserving Berwick’s rich transnational ties as it was about challenging the very notion of borders.

Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival Shorts Competition

Michael Pattison @ Eye For Film

Berwick Ranger: BFMAF 2013

Michael Pattison @ Jigsaw Lounge

  • Excerpt: Depicting figures skiing down an icy mountain, this monochrome delight was projected onto the unevenly textured wall of a chilly former gaol chamber, adding a weird and fitting stereoscopy to the imagery while renewing a space that the public might not otherwise wish to visit.

Hugh Jackman in San Sebastian

Amber Wilkinson @ Eye For Film

  • Excerpt: On life as a sex symbol, winning awards, and Wolverine.

New York Film Festival 2013

Kent Turner @

NYFF First Dispatch

Carson Lund @ In Review Online

  • Excerpt: I was pleased to find that the start of this year’s NYFF has had a satisfying and intuitively logical flow, with one film leading quite uncannily to the next, if not by some obtuse parallel than at least in the extension of one general mood (loneliness, longing, political dissatisfaction) across different narratives.

NYFF Second Dispatch

Carson Lund @ In Review Online

  • Excerpt: More from this year’s 51st New York Film Festival as I dive into the densest part of my schedule: a dizzying return to archaic subject matter, an uneven send-off, an epic festival highlight, and two films about men on self-critical soul-baring journeys, the first a poignant revelation and the latter a shameless can of corn.

Les Rencontres d’Après Minuit wins top prize in Athens

Joseph Proimakis @

  • Excerpt: The Rendez-vous of Déjà-Vu takes script, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors picks up directing; Les Chants des Ondes and Short Term 12 also winners

Riding the Greek Wave’s sophomore year raises hope

Joseph Proimakis @

  • Excerpt: The Hellenic Film Academy’s two-day conference took pokes at pressing issues and brought out good news for local industry.

San Sebastian – Episode One

Amber Wilkinson @ Eye For Film

  • Excerpt: Control in Enemy, The Zero Theorem and Like Father, Like Son.

San Sebastian – Episode Two

Amber Wilkinson @ Eye For Film

  • Excerpt: Fabulous females in Child’s Pose, Le Week-End and Gravity, plus why Hanif Kureishi values age over youth.

San Sebastian Critics Notebook 1

Amber Wilkinson @ Filmmaker Magazine

San Sebastian Critics Notebook 2

Amber Wilkinson @ Filmmaker Magazine

Oscar Coverage

My Oscar choices for 1946

Jerry Roberts @ Armchair Oscars

  • Excerpt: Ray Milland as a drunk? I’ll take Hurd Hatford’s picture of evil.

My Oscar choices for 1960

Jerry Roberts @ Armchair Oscars

  • Excerpt: Norman’s Motel over Lemmon’s Apartment? Hmmm

My Oscar choices for 1966

Jerry Roberts @ Armchair Oscars

  • Excerpt: I’ll take Eastwood over Henry VIII any day.

My Oscar choices for 1984

Jerry Roberts @ Armchair Oscars

  • Excerpt: Amadeus was great, but Spinal Tap played a better tune.

My Oscar choices for 1991

Jerry Roberts @ Armchair Oscars

  • Excerpt: ‘Silence’ was a beast. I’ll take the ‘Beauty’

Oscar Predictions: Round 1 – Too Soon?

Pat Mullen @ Cinemablographer

  • Excerpt: An early stab at this year’s Oscar race.

Oscar Preview: Weekend of Sep. 27-29, 2013

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Looking at the Oscar chances of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” and “Inequality for All”

Other Articles

Are Romantic Comedies Dead?

Candice Frederick @ Reel Talk

Barry Bostwick: Rocky Horror Memories

Betty Jo Tucker @ Movie Addict Headquarters

The Bootleg Files: 10 Years and 500 Bootlegs Later…

Phil Hall @ Film Threat

  • Excerpt: A celebration of the 10th anniversary of Phil Hall’s weekly column, The Bootleg Files


Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

Criticwatch – The Season of the Petes

Erik Childress @ eFilmCritic

  • Excerpt: The breeding ground for Peter Travers and Pete Hammond to get a first look at all of them and get the first shot to spew their pathetic, repetitive and worthless hyperbole all over them. You don’t have to look too closely to see that the Petes’ season has already begun.

El Desierto

Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

Disney Blu-ray Round-up: ‘The Little Mermaid’

Josh Spiegel @ Sound on Sight

Economic Measures: Sonny Chiba in The Street Fighter

Michael Pattison @ Permanent Plastic Helmet

The Failure of the MPAA’s “Check the Box” Campaign

Mike McGranaghan @ Film Racket

Homophobia still rife in Hollywood

Jennie Kermode @ Eye For Film

Inequality for All – Trailer

Bev Questad @ It’s Just Movies

  • Excerpt: Robert Reich, who was Secretary of Labor under Clinton and also served under the administrations of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, delivers a massive punch in the one-minute and 48-second trailer.

The Morning After: Sep. 30, 2013

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Short reviews of “High Noon,” “Metallica: Through the Never” and “Best Man Down”

O Coveiro

Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

  • Excerpt: Portuguese Short Film Review – Winner of the Best Horror Short Film in MOTELx – Lisbon’s International Horror Film Festival

Oct. 1 new releases

Phil Villarreal @

Why I Probably Wouldn’t Last Long in a Horror Movie

Candice Frederick @ Reel Talk

Why This Is The End was a more important summer movie than Man of Steel

Michael Pattison @ Indiewire

  • Excerpt: A superhero’s sartorial preference for colorful spandex is today unthinkable, since the present buzzword is realism, and it must be fulfilled to more ridiculous and fetishistic levels than ever.

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