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OFCS members don’t just write film reviews. Here are several articles you might find interesting.

Best of Lists

15 Famous Big Weddings

R. Kurt Osenlund @ Slant Magazine

Al Pacino

Marcio Sallem @ Em Cartaz [Portuguese]

Dwayne Johnson

Marcio Sallem @ Em Cartaz [Portuguese]


An Interview with Nick Higgins about We Are Northern Lights

Jennie Kermode @ Eye For Film

Michael Shannon

R. Kurt Osenlund @ Slant Magazine

Pierce Brosnan interview

R. Kurt Osenlund @ Indiewire

Simon Director Mines “Killer Inside Me”

Glenn Lovell @

  • Excerpt: Antonio Campos, director of “Afterschool” and “Simon Killer,” says he’d like to do a comedy next … but it’s unlikely.

Xavier Samuel (Drift)

Simon Miraudo @ Quickflix


Annette Funicello

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

Oscar Coverage

Oscar Preview: Weekend of Apr. 26-28, 2013

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Looking at the Oscar chances of “Mud.”

Other Articles

Adeus Amor

Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

  • Excerpt: Portuguese Short Film Review

Blood Dragon and The Guilt Trip

Phil Villarreal @

Does Race Matter in Nonfiction Films with Universal Themes?

Candice Frederick @ Reel Talk

The Great Escape? Steve McQueen had plenty of them

James Plath @ Movie Metropolis

  • Excerpt: With the 1963 WWII POW film coming out on Blu-ray for the first time on May 7, we look back at the actor’s love of motorcycles, cars, and all things fast.

If internet memes were movie stars

Ali Gray @

No Respires

Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

  • Excerpt: Spanish Short Film Review

( Some of) The Warts of War

Carson Lund @ Are the Hills Going to March Off?

  • Excerpt: For being the very first postwar American film to deal with our experiences in Vietnam, The Boys in Company C gets a lot right: its influential ironic take on military higher-ups, its refusal to limit historical events to a solitary subject position, its use of an overstuffed mise-en-scène to evoke the unappealing chaos of the war atmosphere, and its avoidance of evil caricature in the face of the Vietcong. But the film only goes so far, and the gaps in representation and perspective that it leaves are only widened by the batch of Vietnam War films that Hollywood would churn out in the decade to follow.

Star Trek: A Retrospective

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

Un Día… Como Aquellos

Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

  • Excerpt: Mexican Short Film Review

Walter Dominguez and Shelley Morrison

Betty Jo Tucker @ Movie Addict Headquarters

  • Excerpt: A podcast discussion about “Weaving the Past,” an inspirational documentary written and directed by Walter Dominguez and produced by Shelley Morrison.

Yellow Darkness

Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

  • Excerpt: USA Short Film Review

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