Survey Says: OFCS members chose their favorite Martin Scorsese film

In advance of the release of his latest film, Shutter Island, the members of the Online Film Critics Society have voted Goodfellas their favorite Martin Scorsese narrative (ie, non-documentary) movie. The 1990 mob drama came out on top by a slim margin: with 37 members voting, 10 named the film their favorite, but the second ranked movie was close behind. Other films that received at least one vote:

Taxi Driver (9 votes)
Raging Bull (6 votes)
The King of Comedy (3 votes)
Bringing Out the Dead (2 votes)
Casino (2 votes)
The Aviator (1 vote)
Cape Fear (1 vote)
Kundun (1 vote)
Mean Streets (1 vote)
New York, New York (1 vote)

One member took exception to the exclusion of Scorsese’s documentaries:

I find it impossible to believe that the list presented does not include his many incredible documentaries. The Last Waltz and No Direction Home are far more qualified to be on a list of Best Scorsese Movies than Age of Innocence, The Aviator or Bringing Out the Dead. And then forcing one to pick a single film above so many greats! I must pick what will be considered an underdog, Kundun, for its simple beauty and unparalleled humanity. A true classic waiting to be discovered by less snarky, mean-spirited and grossly over-entitiled generations.

Another film generated several comments from voters:

Several movies are obviously better, but King of Comedy remains a favorite in terms of rewatchability.

The King of Comedy anticipated 25 years of fame for fame’s sake.

On Casino, one voter said:

Because the first time I saw it I hated it, and the second time I saw it I loved it.

And The Aviator’s one adherent said:

What I love about The Aviator is how much of his love of film history is embodied within its gorgeous frame.

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