Survey Says: OFCS members choose their most anticipated comic book movie of 2010

As we enter the new movie year, OFCS members were asked to choose which of the ten movies based upon comic books scheduled for release in 2010 they’re most looking forward to.

By a wide margin, Iron Man 2 came out on top.

Results were calculated on a simple vote basis: of the 43 members who participated in the poll, 21 voted for Iron Man 2.

Other ranking titles:

Kick-Ass (7 votes)
Scott Pilgrim vs The World (6 votes)
The Green Hornet (3 votes)
Priest (2 votes)
The Losers (1 vote)

Titles that received no votes: Dead of Night, Jax of Heart, Jonah Hex, and Red.

Three members also picked “none.” “None of these sound particularly appealing,” one anonymous member said. Two other members — who also chose to remain anonymous — expressed disgust with Hollywood’s penchant for comic-book movies:

At some point Hollywood has to draw a line between making movies for children (i.e. G-rated fare that doesn’t contain insulting, rude, or violent behavior) and grown-up movies for grown-ups. 30 years of cartoon movies aimed at 14-year-old boys and girls has dumbed down American cinema to an atrocious level.


I’m ready for fewer juvenile fantasies and more grown-up reality. We have some serious problems in this country, and the Green Hornet isn’t going to help us figure out how to solve them, just keep us in the denial zone.

Margot Harrison of Seven Days worries:

While I liked Iron Man and The Dark Knight, I fear the Watchmen flop will dictate the dumbing down of most future comic book movies to X-Men Origins: Wolverine level.

Of the top choice, Ed Howard of Only the Cinema says:

The first Iron Man film went from light-on-its-feet improv patter to a poundingly heavy metal-on-metal climax. Here’s hoping the second film has more of the former and less of the latter.

Other comments:

Jeffrey Chen of Window to the Movies chose Scott Pilgrim vs The World

only because it’s the next film by Edgar Wright, the guy who gave us two of my favorite recent comedies, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

while another anonymous member said of his/her choice:

Kick-Ass by a nose, but Scott Pilgrim is almost equal.

Of another ranking title, The Green Hornet, an anonymous OFCSer writes:

I’m a diehard fan of the Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg-penned Superbad and Pineapple Express, and with Michel Gondry at the helm, this can’t fail!

and Eric D. Snider of Eric D. says:

The combination of Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry is irresistible to me. With the other upcoming comic book films, you kind of have an idea what they’re going to be like. Green Hornet seems like whatever it is, it will be a surprise.

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