Reviews: We Are What We Are (2013)

we_are_what_we_areReviews for this film from our members:

  • [New – 3/27/14] | José Arce @ [Spanish]
    • Excerpt: La pareja creativa que forman Jim Mickle y Nick Damici regresa con una propuesta que se deja ver pero que patina demasiado en su ritmo, convirtiendo este drama antropófago en una pieza dura de digerir.
  • Edwin Arnaudin @ Ashvegas
    • Excerpt: Well made and immensely disturbing, Jim Mickle’s family saga is like a less-stylized Stoker and nearly as accomplished overall.
  • Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
    • Excerpt: Mickle and Damici have come up with a couple of very imaginative details to adorn their tale, but in the end the story itself feels preordained, everything slowly unfurling exactly how you’d expect
  • Jeremy Kibler @ The Artful Critic
    • Excerpt: Beautifully macabre, elegantly moody, and methodically suggestive, this American Gothic horror-drama for the whole family is never an explicit, viscous splatterfest right out of the gate.
  • Stacia Kissick Jones @ Spectrum Culture Online
  • Brent McKnight @ Beyond Hollywood
    • Excerpt: We Are What We Are is the classiest backwoods cannibal movie you’re likely to see anytime soon.
  • Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]
  • Jamie S. Rich @ Oregon Live
    • Excerpt: Mickle’s script, co-written by “Stake Land” star Nick Damici (pulling double-duty here playing the local sheriff), could have used some tightening. Ride it out. There’s a demented climax waiting on the other side.
  • Josh Spiegel @ Sound on Sight
    • Excerpt: And so it is with We Are What We Are, which almost entirely embraces the power of suggestion, to its advantage.
  • Frank Swietek @ One Guys Opinion
    • Excerpt: A horror film that takes considerable risks and generally makes them work.

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