Reviews: Tragedy Girls (2017)

Here are review links for this film submitted by our members:

  • Matt Donato @ We Got This Covered
    • Excerpt: Tragedy Girls is a wicked, womanly triumph. Hearts and smiley faces float from smartphones not only to reflect social media interactions, but to mirror our own approval of Tyler MacIntyre’s suburban gorefest.
  • James Jay Edwards @ FilmFracture
  • Brent McKnight @ The Last Thing I See
    • Excerpt: Biting, wicked, and deceptively earnest.
  • Jared Mobarak @ The Film Stage
    • Excerpt: The whole becomes a wide-open venue for heightened caricatures and homage with enough Valley Girl snark and reality-TV charisma to let a few not-so spectacular death scene effects complement the overall irreverent tone.
  • Kristy Puchko @
    • Excerpt: Behold: the new class of bad girls have arrived, and they’re badass.
  • Nuno Reis @ SciFiWorld Portugal
    • Excerpt: Felizmente as falhas no terror perdoam-se por ser uma comédia, mas isso significa que o filme podia ter feito um belo isco para vender bilhetes aos leitores de Twitter, ao mesmo tempo que geria as referências de terror (muito bem aplicadas) para manter os fãs do gore interessados.
  • James Roberts @ Glide Magazine
    • Excerpt: Mean Girls, basically, if Regina George was into dismemberment instead of wearing pink on Wednesdays.