Reviews: The Nightingale (2019)

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  • Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
    • Excerpt: The Nightingale has its flaws, but Jennifer Kent’s outrage at the brutal injustice doled out to women and minorities burns through every frame.
  • [New] | Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum
    • Excerpt: Jennifer Kent’s new film is an unflinching look at trauma and colonialism, cementing her as one of the great filmmakers working today.
  • [New] | Glenn Dunks @
    • Excerpt: But The Nightingale is not itself horror. Not in the traditional sense, anyway, like director Jennifer Kent’s first film, the her itchy gothic storybook horror The Babadook. Although it is horrific, which makes for a distinct difference.
  • James Jay Edwards @ FilmFracture
  • Simon Miraudo @ Student Edge
    • Excerpt: If ever a rave review was to also serve as a consumer warning, it’s now, for The Nightingale.
  • [New] | Jared Mobarak @
    • Excerpt: After giving grief physical form by way of a violent monster, Jennifer Kent turns her sights on trauma and [how] our bodies, minds, and souls react to unimaginable pain.
  • Aaron Neuwirth @ We Live Entertainment
    • Excerpt: Unlike The Babadook, The Nightingale is not so much a horror film, as it is a bleak adventure-thriller with lots of horrific imagery.
  • Scott Phillips @ The Movie Isle
    • Excerpt: It’s a vast departure in genre and film-making from The Babadook, but in the best possible way. Kent is a brilliant story-teller, and The Nightingale proves that she should continue to work in a writer-director mode and bring her own screenplays to life.
  • Andrew Wyatt @ The Lens