Reviews: The Internet's Own Boy (2014)

internets_own_boyReviews for this film from our members:

  • Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
    • Excerpt: The documentary’s release as the net neutrality debate rages will only underscore what we have lost.
  • Edwin Davies @ A Mighty Fine Blog
    • Excerpt: Yet while The Internet’s Own Boy sensitively and powerfully depicts the inherent tragedy of Swartz’s story, it still feels like a distracted effort. It’s the documentary equivalent of a series of hyperlinks.
  • Mark Hobin @ Fast Film Reviews
    • Excerpt: The end result is a one-sided but emotionally compelling view. It will make you angry but it will also make you profoundly sad.
  • Dustin Jansick @ Way Too Indie
    • Excerpt: Despite some shortcomings, it remains a deeply compelling documentary about some of the most important issues of the Information Age.
  • MaryAnn Johanson @
    • Excerpt: An essential — and enraging — documentary about the life, career, and death of Internet activist Aaron Swartz, a danger to corporate hegemony whose work could not be allowed to continue.
  • Brent McKnight @ The Last Thing I See
    • Excerpt: The Internet’s Own Boy may not be the most exciting, sexy documentary out there, but it makes you feel its subject deeply, which is what you really want out of a film like this.
  • Frank Ochieng @ Sound on Sight
    • Excerpt: In writer-director Brian Knappenberger’s absorbing and conscious-minded documentary The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz we examine the moving motivations of an actively eager and precocious mastermind.
  • Ron Wilkinson @
    • Excerpt: A cautionary tale about the power of entrenched financial interests in an era of unlimited information access.

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