Reviews: Tabu (2012)

Reviews for this film from our members:

  • Marco Albanese @ Stanze di Cinema [Italian]
    • Excerpt: Tabu è un sogno nostalgico: ricordi e suggestioni di un passato corrotto e decadente ne sono il tratto più forte.
  • [New – 11/8] | Sean Axmaker @ Cinephiled
    • Excerpt: This black-and-white tone poem is no political statement on colonialism but a hushed tragedy of young, reckless love in an isolated world and rugged landscape far from the social culture the Europeans to try to recreate in their bubble.
  • Tim Brayton @ Antagony & Ecstasy
    • Excerpt: After a point, you start to forget what actual boundary-pushing cinema looks like. Well, it looks like this.
  • Joshua Brunsting @ CriterionCast
  • Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
    • Excerpt: The latter part of the film recalls 1987’s “White Mischief,” but in Gomes’s hands, the story becomes much more. With his structure, the past and the present continually flow into one another, revealing history as a multi-faceted account which by its very nature will always hold secrets.
  • Edwin Davies @ A Mighty Fine Blog
    • Excerpt: Tabu unfolds as you would expect, with nothing to distinguish the film from the sort of stories that it imitates. In an instance of technique being far superior to the story being told, Gomes’ obvious mastery of the form means that it distracts from what is meant to be the emotional core, ultimately turning it into a dry and intellectual experience.
  • Roderick Heath @ Ferdy on Films
    • Excerpt: Under the film’s quiet surface is a synergistic flow of seemingly offhand ideas that coalesce into an ever-deepening, fascinating drama of time, not merely as a personal experience, but also a cultural one.
  • Danny King @ The Film Stage
  • Simon Miraudo @ Quickflix
  • Tiago Ramos @ Split Screen [Portuguese]
  • Dennis Schwartz @ Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews
  • Ron Wilkinson @
    • Excerpt: A dreadfully slow screenplay in the second half undercuts the interesting handling of black and white exposition.

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