Reviews: Samsara (2012)

Reviews for this film from our members:

  • Marina Antunes @ Quiet Earth
  • Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan
    • Excerpt: Samsara, minus one off moment that veers into weirdness, is a visual and intellectual feast.
  • Jason Bailey @ DVD Talk
    • Excerpt: A unique and beautiful film that generates genuine awe in a moviegoing season where that quality is all too rare.
  • Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat @
    • Excerpt: An enthralling non-narrative documentary with images from five continents that becomes a guided meditation on the wheel of life and death while also depicting the rituals and practices that can lead to personal transformation; one of the best films of 2012 that you will treasure all your life.
  • Carson Lund @ Are the Hills Going to March Off?
    • Excerpt: As a cumulative work of art, I feel cheated. To the extent that the film expresses anything, it deals in fortune-cookie clichés: destruction is creation, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, power corrupts, progress is relative, etc.
  • [New – 3/1] | Marty Mapes @ Movie Habit
    • Excerpt: Meet your new go-to disc for showing off your home theater
  • Darren Mooney @ the m0vie blog
    • Excerpt: It goes almost without saying that Fricke’s cinematography is transcendental. That said, Samsara does suffer a bit from being heavy-handed with its central themes and ideas – quite an accomplishment for a film with no dialogue.
  • Bev Questad @ It’s Just Movies
    • Excerpt: This glorious poem of life, set to a gentle, haunting original score, guides the viewer in a visual meditation on the nature of life.
  • Jamie S. Rich @ Portland Mercury
    • Excerpt: The guys known for arranging footage of stuff have arranged a bunch more stuff. With a world music soundtrack!
  • Jonathan Richards @ www,
    • Excerpt: For all the negatives it shows, Samsara is not a downer. The beauty ultimately trumps the squalor.
  • Jerry Roberts @ Armchair Cinema
    • Excerpt: Occasionally you get a film that makes you feel this planet and see places that you will never see with your own eyes. “Samsara” is one of those films, a film that lets you experience the flow of nature and question where it went wrong.
  • Tom Santilli @
    • Excerpt: But if you are in for a meditative, hypnotic experience, look no further than Samsara. And then look deeper.
  • Frank Swietek @ One Guy’s Opinion
  • Jean-François Vandeuren @ [French]
  • James Wegg @ JWR
    • Excerpt: Behold: Planet Earth
  • Ron Wilkinson @
    • Excerpt: A rambling assault on the visual cortex that teeters between guided meditation and guided tour.

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