Reviews: Outlaw King (2018)

Here are review links for this film submitted by our members:

  • David Crow @ Den of Geek
    • Excerpt: This Scottish war film is unlikely to compete with Braveheart in anyone’s mind, for at its best it is only so much war with rarely any poetry.
  • Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum
    • Excerpt: The film is perfectly servicable and watchable historical epic, but it lacks the rhythm, the purpose, and emotional engagement to meet its lofty ambitions.
  • Darren Mooney @ the m0vie blog
    • Excerpt: He fought the outlaw, and the outlaw won.
  • [New] | C.H. Newell @ Father Son Holy Gore
    • Excerpt: In Scotland, Robert’s a legend near mythic in status. Outlaw King takes nothing away from this by focusing on the man himself.
  • Betty Jo Tucker @ ReelTalk Movie Reviews
    • Excerpt: Although impressive cinematography and excellent performances abound, “Outlaw King” seems difficult to follow and ends up being less than exciting, despite all the action and bloodshed on screen.