Reviews: Narco Cultura (2013)

narco_culturaReviews for this film from our members:

  • Chris Barsanti @ Film Racket
  • [New – 12/12] | Edwin Davies @ A Mighty Fine Blog
    • Excerpt: Although its intense focus on personal stories prevents Narco Cultura from providing a more wide-ranging view of the situation in Mexico, it is brutally effective as a piece of field reportage. It manages to convey desperation, futility and fear beautifully, while also making sure to show that there are plenty of people in Mexico who want the violence to end, but who maybe don’t have any power to stop it any time soon.
  • Dustin Freeley @
  • [New – 12/12] | Don Simpson @ Smells Like Screen Spirit
    • Excerpt: The most fascinating scenes in Narco Cultura come from interviews and soundbites from random onlookers in Juarez — this footage is what truly hammers home the frightening facts that drug cartels and their related violence have become fully engrained into Mexican culture.
  • Cole Smithey @
    • Excerpt: Shaul Schwarz’s cinema vérité style pulls no punches. There is much to be taken away from this disturbing documentary. Nightmares may follow.
  • Jose Solis @ StageBuddy
  • Josh Spiegel @ Sound on Sight
  • Ron Wilkinson @
    • Excerpt: Mexico’s drug war has spawned death and destruction rivaling the largest military conflicts and the show is just beginning.

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