Reviews: Liberal Arts (2012)

Reviews for this film from our members:

  • Jason Bailey @ DVD Talk
    • Excerpt: ‘Liberal Arts’ is a sweet flick with a few laughs and a little bit of truth. That’s less common than you’d think.
  • Joshua Brunsting @ The CriterionCast
  • Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat @
  • Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
    • Excerpt: The best thing about the film are to be found in two supporting roles which represent Jesse’s mentor/proteges in a script stuffed with obvious parallels.
  • Kate Erbland @ Film School Rejects
    • Excerpt: Josh Radnor grows up in his second feature: a film about regression.
  • Kimberly Gadette @ doddle
    • Excerpt: Radnor’s annoyingly passive protagonist sports wide-eyed stares of wonderment, as if he got lost somewhere between the upper quad and the campus bookstore. Neither pass nor fail, this project’s an ‘incomplete.’
  • Danny King @ The King Bulletin
    • Excerpt: On the whole, I like what Radnor is attempting to do as a writer-director — he may be creating sitcom setups, but he’s using the breadth and space of the big-screen arena to give his characters and their circumstances room to grow and mature.
  • Matthew McKernan @ FilmWhinge
    • Excerpt: Liberal Arts is almost excessively tame, too such an extent that it does not even conclude with a genuine point. The film is devoid of any real opinions or worldview as if it is too afraid to have people disagree with it.
  • Nell Minow @ The Movie Mom
    • Excerpt: Lovely moments like the classical music discussion, a genuinely moving passion for the written word, and nuanced performances (Radnor is tops in casting and directing actors) may make you smile mistily about being 19, no matter which side of it you’re on.
  • Tom Santilli @
    • Excerpt: While Liberal Arts isn’t a bad movie, if it was a class I would skip it.
  • Cole Smithey @
    • Excerpt: Writer-director-actor Josh Radnor follows up his debut feature (“Happythankyoumoreplease”) with a compact romantic comedy that almost works, but not quite.
  • [New – 1/24] | Thomas Spurlin @

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