Reviews: Iron Man 3 (2013)

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  1. I have been waiting for iron man to come out since I was a little boy reading comics. The first iron man was great, it was new, and something people have never scene before. The second iron man in my opinion was good but had many of the normal viewing society members slightly disappointed. It still held one of the best fight scenes done by marvel yet. But iron man 3 with Shane black was a slight let down. The idea was great! But failed in being true to the comics and lacked in greatness. If this was suppose to be the start of marvels second coming than it was nothing like the first iron man! It was ruined with the portray of the Mandarin and keeping Tony out of his suit! Yes it had is classic Tony Stark humor (which I loved) but still let me down with iron man. Tony Stark is Iron man and don’t forget that! Let’s not forget to mention not putting Rhodey in a suit for the final battle! Ohh myy sweet gentle Jesus! What could you be thinking! And the ending credits! Thank you for making me stay an extra hour for absolute crap! Now yes, I will still buy the blu ray bc I love marvel an iron man. And for all the extra awesomeness that comes with it. I just hope to see more from the son of Oden and Mr. Steve Rogers since they rushed those two films the first time around.

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