Reviews: In Secret (2014)

in_secretReviews for this film from our members:

  • Kevin Carr @ 7M Pictures
    • Excerpt: It’s slow moving and can even be characterized as boring in parts, but it did keep my interest enough to finish it. Were it my typical cup of tea, I might have liked it even more.
  • Tony Dayoub @ Cinema Viewfinder
    • Excerpt: There is never an opportunity for us to sympathize with Thérèse’s quite understandable dilemma because she just seems too malevolent to start with.
  • Kristin Dreyer Kramer @
  • Frank Swietek @ One Guys Opinion
    • Excerpt: A respectable, though hardly entrancing, adaptation of Zola’s once-notorious novel.
  • [New – 3/6/14] | Mel Valentin @
    • Excerpt: Some literary novels weren’t meant to be adapted into big-screen form. This is one of them.

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