Reviews: Hellboy (2019)

Here are review links for this film submitted by our members:

  • Andrea Chase @ [Croatian]
    • Excerpt: like Monty Python without the humor as it scampers across the British landscape questing in vain for a film worth watching. Keep questing HELLBOY.
  • Rob Daniel @ Electric Shadows
    • Excerpt: A fusion of monster heroics, folklore and fairytales, rural English horror and video nasties, Neil Marshall (and co…) deliver a rock n’ roll superhero movie
  • Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum
    • Excerpt: While the film is an absolute mess, it’s at times a rather fun mess.
  • [New] | M. Enois Duarte @
    • Excerpt: Spectacularly violent and gory, Hellboy satisfies on the horror visuals but ultimately fails to summon interest in the diabolical adventures of the Dark Horse Comics antihero.
  • MaryAnn Johanson @
    • Excerpt: Bounces from one preposterous setpiece to another across an inexcusably flavorless magical, monstrous world, and borderline incoherent as it races through the plots of half a dozen different films.
  • Mike McGranaghan @ The Aisle Seat
    • Excerpt: It’s an offense to the eyes and the brain.
  • Jared Mobarak @ The Film Stage
    • Excerpt: The potential for success is therefore visible and a sequel might cement it if one remains possible.
  • Aaron Neuwirth @ We Live Entertainment
    • Excerpt: Despite goodwill and intentions, this is a disastrous new take on the Mike Mignola character almost fitting for a film that provides many glimpses at a possible doomsday.
  • Frank Ochieng @ SF Crowsnest
    • Excerpt: …relentlessly absurd and hideously over-the-top. Here’s looking to finding a suitable fire hose that can cool down the shoddy firestorm that is the baseless and bludgeoning ‘Hellboy’.
  • Eddie Pasa @ Gunaxin

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