Reviews from the Small Screen

Here’s what we’ve been watching on television.

Breaking Bad: Madrigal

Daniel Carlson @ Pajiba

The Rookies

Luke Bonanno @

  • Excerpt: Obviously, “The Rookies” now exists not only as a scripted fictional TV series but as a capsule of ’70s fashions, lingo, and programming sensibilities. Those sensibilities are far removed from the grittier cop shows of modern times. Even though bad guys feature in every episode, they conform to broadcast standards, remaining more menacing in theory than in action.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Peter Canavese @

  • Excerpt: The shakedown cruise of Star Trek: The Next Generation—may have been a bumpy one, but it got the newest incarnation of the U.S.S. Enterprise into action while winning over the ‘Trekker’ fanbase at large.

Veep: Season 1

Stephen Carty @ Flix Capacitor

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