Reviews from the Small Screen

Here’s what we’ve been watching on television.

Dance Academy: Season 1, Vol. 1

James Plath @ Family Home Theater

  • Excerpt: It’s pretty wholesome with positive messages, despite the edginess. That’s a tough line to walk, and the reason Dance Academy has such broad appeal.

Doctor Who: “The Crimson Horror”

Edwin Davies @ A Mighty Fine Blog

  • Excerpt: After last week’s mostly good, but also horribly dreadful episode, it was nice to see Doctor Who right itself a bit this week, even if that meant offering up a story which, whilst fun, was not terribly memorable.

Doctor Who: “Nightmare in Silver”

Edwin Davies @ A Mighty Fine Blog

  • Excerpt: Unfortunately, the episode had to move away from the internal conflict to be about Clara leading the military in their attempts to fend off the encroaching Cybermenace. While it was fun seeing Clara weigh up which of the ridiculous rides might be the best place for defense, and she got to play at being a leader in a way which was interesting and different, that whole half of the episode felt rushed and undercooked.

MaryAnn Johanson @

  • Excerpt: I confess to some disappointment from Neil Gaiman…

Fraggle Rock: Meet the Fraggles

Luke Bonanno @

  • Excerpt: In the canon of Jim Henson productions, “Fraggle Rock” falls in between the all-audiences appeal of the Muppets and the edutainment of “Sesame Street” you wouldn’t feel right watching without a kid in the room. Featuring smart writing and many original songs, it’s a fun series, although your enjoyment hedges largely on your age.

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