Reviews: Black Nativity (2013)

black_nativityReviews for this film from our members:

  • Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
    • Excerpt: Lemmons adds themes of religious hypocrisy and the cyclical effects of poverty, but marries the two for her resolution, abandoning real answers for a fairy tale climax while her symbolic Mary and Joseph figures are left out in the cold.
  • [New – 1/2/14] | Michael Dequina @
  • Mark Dujsik @ Mark Reviews Movies
    • Excerpt: The problem isn’t that the movie wears its religious intent on its sleeve but that it uses religion as an easy, all-purpose fix to each and every problem that its characters face.
  • Susan Granger @
    • Excerpt: Sincerely spiritual and inspirational, turning the movie theater into a church and preaching to the choir.
  • Jeremy Kibler @ The Artful Critic
    • Excerpt: Even when the film tries to mesh too many things without much subtlety—oh, and by the way, it’s a musical extravaganza—and doesn’t always ring true in its scenes of poverty and redemption, the film has enough joyous and sincere moments to count as chicken soup for the holiday-happy soul.
  • Benjamin Kramer @ The Voracious Filmgoer
  • Frank Swietek @ One Guys Opinion
    • Excerpt: Though its heart is in the right place and it boasts a strong cast, it’s a case of preaching–and singing–to the choir.

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