Reviews: Are You Here (2014)

are_you_hereReviews for this film from our members:

  • [New – 8/21/14] | Nicholas Bell @
    • Excerpt: Originally titled You Are Here when it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2013, it’s as if the refashioning of statement to question is posed for anyone left in the audience that stayed until the end credits.
  • [New – 8/28/14] | Travis Hopson @ Examiner
    • Excerpt: Weiner has gathered a cast built for comedy but there’s a breakdown suffered somewhere along the way.
  • [New – 8/21/14] | Stacia Kissick Jones @ She Blogged By Night
  • [New – 9/18/14] | Jamie S. Rich @ DVD Talk
    • Excerpt: If you wonder when precisely you should give up hope on Are You Here ever metamorphosing into a good movie, it’s about halfway through when perpetually stoned city boy Owen Wilson chases a chicken around the farm trying to catch it and kill it for that evening’s meal.
  • [New – 8/21/14] | Frank Swietek @ One Guys Opinion
    • Excerpt: It’s fairly certain that while watching it you’ll wish you were somewhere else.

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