Reviews: A Teacher (2013)

teacherReviews for this film from our members:

  • Dustin Jansick @ Way Too Indie
    • Excerpt: A Teacher is in many ways a reversal of the story that is normally told.
  • [New – 12/12] | Jennie Kermode @ Eye For Film
  • Carson Lund @ In Review Onlines
    • Excerpt: A Teacher’s biggest failure is in finding Ms. Watts in an even less individuated form than the titular abstraction implies. Through one nondescript, “contemplative” scene after another, Fidell does away with specificities of character, location and incident until her film resembles little more than the shell of a conflict.
  • Don Simpson @ Smells Like Screen Spirit
    • Excerpt: Not to discredit Will Brittain’s impressive performance, but the effectiveness of A Teacher rests heavily upon the shoulders of Lindsay Burdge. With the aforementioned assistance of the cinematography and score, Burdge utilizes her eyes and body movements to reveal Diana’s vulnerability, naivete and desperation.

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