OFCS member Marilyn Ferdinand to cohost fundraising blogathon for film preservation

OFCS member Marilyn Ferdinand, whose work appears at Ferdy on Films, etc., will cohost a fundraising blogathon to support the film preservation efforts of the National Film Preservation Foundation. For more information about the blogathon — which will run from February 14-21, 2010 — including how you can participate or donate, see Ferdy on Films, etc.: For the Love of Movies and the blogathon’s Facebook page, which features daily posts from the NFPF.

Ferdinand says:

There is a dedicated blogathon “donate” link on the FB page, and we will be asking all participants to include the link at the end of their posts. The donations go straight to NFPF; the hosts won’t be touching a cent. There is also a blogspot page that has banners and a commercial that can be posted on any site that wants them.

NFPF has also made available 4 DVD box sets that they will give to winners of a random drawing of donors (that’s why there’s a dedicated donation link for the blogathon). You’ll see that on the left rail of the FB page.

For an example of the NFPF’s work, see their recent Australian repatriation project [alert: link goes to a PDF].

The OFCS wishes Ferdinand the best of luck with the blogathon.

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