New Releases

Some movies our members are reviewing this week:

Black Swan (Karina Montgomery,

Blue Valentine (Anders Wotzke, Cut Print Review)

Caterpillar (Donald J. Levit, ReelTalk Movie Reviews)

The Fighter (Jeffrey Chen, Window to the Movies)

The Fighter (Tony Dayoub, Cinema Viewfinder)

The Fighter (Karina Montgomery,

Gulliver’s Travels (Anders Wotzke, Cut Print Review)

How Do You Know (Karina Montgomery,

The King’s Speech (Karina Montgomery,

The King’s Speech (Anders Wotzke, Cut Print Review)

Love and Other Drugs (Karina Montgomery,

Monsters (Karina Montgomery,

Never Let Me Go (Karina Montgomery,

Rabbit Hole (Jeffrey Chen, ReelTalk Movie Reviews)

Rabbit Hole (Susan Granger,

Somewhere (Jeffrey Chen, ReelTalk Movie Reviews)

Somewhere (Tony Dayoub, Nomad Editions Wide Screen)

Somewhere (Craig Kennedy, Living in Cinema)

Somewhere (Jamie S. Rich, DVD Talk)

Somewhere (Anders Wotzke, Cut Print Review)

The Taint (Mike Everleth, Bad Lit)

Todas las Canciones Hablan de Mi (José M. Robado, FanDigital)

TRON: Legacy (Jeffrey Chen, Window to the Movies)

TRON: Legacy (Karina Montgomery,

TRON: Legacy (Anders Wotzke, Cut Print Review)

True Grit (Jeffrey Chen, ReelTalk Movie Reviews)

True Grit (Susan Granger,

True Grit (Jamie S. Rich, DVD Talk)

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