New Release Update

Some movies our members are reviewing this week:

30 Days of Night: Dark Days (Thomas Spurlin,

Amer (Robert Cashill, Popdose)

Arn: The Knight Templar (Thomas Spurlin,

The Eclipse (Robert Cashill, Popdose)

The Experiment (Thomas Spurlin,

The Girl Who Played with Fire (Robert Cashill, Popdose)

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Rob Gonsalves,

Hereafter (Mike McGranaghan, The Aisle Seat)

I Am Love (Simon Miraudo, Quickflix)

Involuntary (Amber Wilkinson,

Jackass 3D (Simon Miraudo, Quickflix)

Killers (Amber Wilkinson,

The Loved Ones (Simon Miraudo, Quickflix)

Monsters (Mike McGranaghan, The Aisle Seat)

Paranormal Activity 2 (Rob Gonsalves,

Paranormal Activity 2 (Mike McGranaghan, The Aisle Seat)

Red Hill (Robert Cashill, Popdose)

Saw 3D (A.J. Hakari, ReelTalk Movie Reviews)

Theater of War (Jamie S. Rich, DVD Talk)

This Prison Where I Live (Amber Wilkinson,

Toy Story 3 (Bob Cashill, Popdose)

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