New Release Update

Some movies our members are reviewing this week:

Buried (Simon Miraudo, Quickflix)

Buried (José M. Robado; Cine Crítico)

Carancho (José M. Robado, FanDigital)

Catfish (Matthew Sorrento, Bright Lights Film Journal)

Dinner for Schmucks (Simon Miraudo, Quickflix)

Eat Pray Love (Simon Miraudo, Quickflix)

I Love You Too (Simon Miraudo, Quickflix)

Iron Man 2 (Simon Miraudo, Quickflix)

Let Me In (Susan Granger,

A Nightmare on Elm Street (John J. Puccio, DVDTOWN)

Nowhere Boy (Susan Granger,

The Other Guys (Yaroslav Vishtalyuk,

Secretariat (Susan Granger,

The Social Network (Craig Kennedy, Living in Cinema)

The Social Network (Mike McGranaghan, The Aisle Seat)

The Social Network (Matthew Sorrento, Bright Lights Film Journal)

Thy Kill Be Done (Mike Everleth, Bad Lit)

A Town Called Panic (Anton Bitel, EyeforFilm)

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