From Our Members’ Desks (Sep. 10, 2018)

OFCS members don’t just write film reviews. Here are several articles you might find interesting.


Lukas Feigelfeld, Director of Hagazussa

Joao Pinto @ Portal Cinema

  • Excerpt: We’ve talked with Lukas Feigelfeld, director of the horror hit Hagazussa!

Move Over T-Rex, Here Comes The Meg!

Marina Antunes @ Spark CG

Paulo Leite, Director of Inner Ghosts

Joao Pinto @ Portal Cinema

Xavier Gens, Director of Hitman and Cold Skin

Joao Pinto @ Portal Cinema

  • Excerpt: French director Xavier Gens is in Portugal to participate in MOTELx to promote his new film: “Cold Skin”. We took the opportunity to interview him!


Bottom’s Up: The IMDb Bottom 100 and the Art of Identifying “Worst” Movies…

Darren Mooney @ Bottom’s up.

The Pride and Power of Emmy Rossum

Candice Frederick @ Playboy

  • Excerpt:

Who Benefits from New Oscar Category: You or Disney?

Glenn Lovell @

  • Excerpt: So much for suspense. So much for variety. So much for a healthy mix of studio and indie releases. So much for avoiding perceived conflicts of interest.

Reviews of Short Films

Couch Surfer

Betty Jo Tucker @ ReelTalk Movie Reviews

  • Excerpt: Filmmaker Andrew Lawton taps into his humorous side with a frisky tale about a woman’s dilemma when Aussie party animals invade her home.

Have You Seen Calvin?

Betty Jo Tucker @ ReelTalk Movie Reviews

  • Excerpt: Australian director/writer Andrew Lawton proves again that he’s an expert at making a very entertaining short movie!

Other Types of Articles

Streaming Bloody Murder: Horror VOD Postmortem for August 2018

Andrew Wyatt @ The Lens

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