From Our Members’ Desks (Oct. 8, 2018)

OFCS members don’t just write film reviews. Here are several articles you might find interesting.

Best of Lists

11 TV Shows to Watch in October

Allyson Johnson @ ThePlaylist

16 Movies to See in October

Allyson Johnson @ ThePlaylist

  • Excerpt:


Stage Legend Mary Beth Peil: A Leading Lady On Film at Last

Jose Solís @ The Clyde Fitch Report

  • Excerpt: Broadway’s grande dame shines in a film about aging, longing and the generation gap.


“Maybe It’s Time To Let the Old Ways Die…”: “A Star Is Born” and Baby Boomer Rock Nostalgia…

Darren Mooney @ the m0vie blog

  • Excerpt: We’re far from the shallow now.

Posterized October 2018: ‘Burning,’ ‘Suspiria,’ ‘First Man,’ and More

Jared Mobarak @ The Film Stage

Video Essays, Video Reviews, Vlogs & More

Film Noir Comes with a Hint of Hitchcock in ‘The Man Who Cheated Himself’

Michael Barrett @ PopMatters

Reviews of Short Films

Mulberry Night (2018)

Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

Pico de Orizaba (2017)

Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

Other Types of Articles

20 Crazy Details Behind the Making of Practical Magic

Mike McGranaghan @ Screen Rant

Annette Bening: Her Films and Performances

Betty Jo Tucker @ Movie Addict Headquarters

  • Excerpt: Film critics discuss Annette Bening’s film career in this Movie Addict HQ episode.

Bloggers (2017)

Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

The Endless (Blu-ray Review)

Aaron Neuwirth @ Why So Blu

  • Excerpt: I have no idea of Benson and Moorhead plan to move to a larger scale in their future projects, but they certainly have the confidence to make solid features on this scale.

Night of the Living Dead – The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray Review)

Aaron Neuwirth @ Why So Blu

  • Excerpt: At long last, on the year of its 50th anniversary, Night of the Living Dead has been given the ultimate Blu-ray release it deserves.

Streaming Bloody Murder: Horror VOD Postmortem for September 2018

Andrew Wyatt @ The Lens

The This Is Us Season 3 Premiere Had the Perfect Deja Moment and I’m Crying Again

Candice Frederick @ Harper’s Bazaar

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