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Best of Lists

Son of Saul tops Greek Film Critics’ best-of-year list

Joseph Proimakis @

  • Excerpt: In what was dubbed Year of the Woman, we’ve come down to an Oscar race revolving around a single white male with a bear on his back. How did that happen?


Joseph Fiennes on “Risen”

Nell Minow @ The Movie Mom

Niobe Thompson and Darren Fung on ‘The Great Human Odyssey’

Pat Mullen @ POV Magazine

  • Excerpt: The director and composer talk about taking their documentary from the small screen to epic live performance.

Rafi Pitts can’t stand the ignorance surround Green Card Soldiers

Joseph Proimakis @ [Greek]

  • Excerpt: A Berlinale regular, the Iranian born director discusses this year’s Competition entry Soy Nero, regarding Green Card Soldiers and the American Dream Act

Soy Nero – Rafi Pitts interview

Joseph Proimakis @

  • Excerpt: Iranian director Rafi Pitts, who has screened his latest film, Soy Nero [+], at the Berlinale, sat down to discuss his return to the German gathering and some of the issues explored in his movie.

Tomasz Wasilweski – United States of Love interview

Joseph Proimakis @

  • Excerpt: First-time Berlinale competitor Tomasz Wasilewski came to Berlin a newbie and left an award winner with United States of Love [+], his story of three women suffering emotional and nervous breakdowns in the aftermath of the Polish communist era, which earned him the Best Script Award.

Festivals: General Coverage

Living the High Life – GFF diary days 1&2: Hail Caesar!, Ben Wheatley and Con Air as you’ve never seen it before

Jennie Kermode @ Eye For Film

Thrills and Spills – GFF diary days 3&4: Lucile Hadzihalilovic, Vic Armstrong, Aidan Moffat and Chuckles the Xenomorph

Jennie Kermode @ Eye For Film

Festivals: Individual Reviews

Blood of My Blood

Kenji Fujishima @ The House Next Door

Bouli Lanner’s The First The Last is a marvel of genre-bending

Joseph Proimakis @ [Greek]

Forbidden Films

Marilyn Ferdinand @ Ferdy on Films

  • Excerpt: Forbidden Films deals specifically with the 50 or so Nazi-era motion pictures that are still banned from unrestricted public viewing. Director Felix Moeller isn’t so much interested in the films themselves as in the debate surrounding whether it would be wise to loose them upon the general public.

Fuocoammare pics up Golden Bear

Joseph Proimakis @ [Greek]

  • Excerpt: Gianfranco Rosi’s documentary on the Italian island of Lampedusa picks up top honours at a heavily political set of prizes

GFF 2016: Experimenter Review

Ross Miller @ Thoughts On Film

  • Excerpt: An admirable experiment but ultimately a failed one.

GFF 2016: Martyrs Review

Ross Miller @ Thoughts On Film

  • Excerpt: This is the very definition of a pointless remake.

GFF 2016: The Club Review

Ross Miller @ Thoughts On Film

  • Excerpt: The sobering effect of this troubling, and troubled, film is in the pondering.

Greek actress Dafni Patakia shines as Berlinale Shooting Star

Joseph Proimakis @ [Greek]

Greek actress Dafni Patakia shines on Shooting Stars ceremony

Joseph Proimakis @ [Greek]

Greek talents shine in Berlinale

Joseph Proimakis @ [Greek]

  • Excerpt: Greek films may have been absent, but the future of Greek cinema was present at the Berlinale market

Home Care

Marilyn Ferdinand @ Ferdy on Films

  • Excerpt: Home Care, the debut feature of director Slávek Horák, examines a self-sacrificing home care nurse who, compelled by personal calamity, looks for more out of life. Despite its conventional story, director Horák and his crack cast infuse this familiar story with humor and heart.

Jude Law and Colin Firth share 1920s bromance in Genius

Joseph Proimakis @ [Greek]

Michael Moore thanks the Germans at Euro-premiere of Where to Invade Next

Joseph Proimakis @ [Greek]

Thomas Vinterberg’s The Commune awakens sleepy fest

Joseph Proimakis @ [Greek]

  • Excerpt: Thomas Vinterberg’s story of a 70’s era Danish commune breathes life into flop-ridden audience


Filming Outside the Box: The Hybrid Films of Abbas Kiarostami

Pat Mullen @ POV Magazine

  • Excerpt: On Close-Up, Taste of Cherry, Ten, and the director’s form-pushing ingenuity.


Becoming Mike Nichols

Sarah D Bunting @ Previously.TV

Can Vinyl be rock n roll’s Game of Thrones

Joseph Proimakis @ [Greek]

Supergirl: Fight or Flight

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

  • Excerpt: For some reason, Superman’s shadow keeps falling on Supergirl, and in Fight or Flight, the third episode from the debut season, it quite literally falls on her.

Supergirl: Human For A Day

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

  • Excerpt: Human For a Day might be the best Supergirl episode yet, especially after the disappointing Red Faced.

Supergirl: Livewire

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

  • Excerpt: As for Livewire itself, we’re still stuck in the ‘freak-of-the-week’ mode, but with some new character development and a mystery that will make things more interesting.

Supergirl: Red Faced

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

  • Excerpt: If it weren’t for Melissa Benoist’s still magnificent turn as The Girl of Steel, I would have ranked Red Faced lower than I already did. SHE made the episode. SHE was worth watching. Everything else was kind of blah.

Supergirl: Stronger Together

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

  • Excerpt: However, thanks to great work by Melissa Benoist in particular and some wonderful moments of humor in the middle of the action, Stronger Together is another winner for this debut season.


Destroy All Monsters: What I’ve Learned From Completely Failing At #52FilmsByWomen

Matt Brown @ TwitchFilm

Explaining The Witch Ending

David Crow @ Den of Geek

  • Excerpt: Quite honestly, it is the only dramatically satisfying and queasily tragic outcome that could occur in this perverse nightmare…

Kimberly Renee: What It’s Really Like to Be a WoC Film Critic (Blog Series)

Candice Frederick @ Reel Talk Online

  • Excerpt: While I wish I could see Gog in 3D, I don’t feel like I’m missing a lot in the flat version.

On #OscarsSoWhite, Slavery Context, and THE BIRTH OF A NATION

Candice Frederick @ Reel Talk Online

The Real History of Hail Caesar! and Eddie Mannix

David Crow @ Den of Geek

  • Excerpt: But even with all the glitz and fizz of Hollywood’s Golden Age, there is a catch this time around to their deliberate dryness: Brolin’s Eddie Mannix did exist in our reality, he did often put the squeeze on movie stars, and he was nobody’s numbskull.

We Asked Industry Insiders: How Can Hollywood Really Fix Its Inclusion Problem?

Jason Bailey @ Flavorwire

  • Excerpt: From tweets to blog posts to newspaper articles, the conversation almost always ends with acknowledgement of the problem, and with precious few suggestions for how to actually fix it. So with that goal in mind, I reached out to several people in the industry – directors, writers, producers – to tell their stories and to talk, on and off the record, about how to do that.

Reviews of Short Films


Paulo Peralta @ CinEuphoria [Portuguese]

  • Excerpt: Portuguese Short Film Review

Other Articles

Hollywood Movies: Their Changing Nature

Betty Jo Tucker @ Movie Addict Headquarters

  • Excerpt: Acclaimed author/screenwriter/playwright Bill Mesce discusses his book “Reel Change: The Changing Nature of Hollywood, Hollywood Movies and the People Who Go To See Them.”

The Morning After: Feb. 22, 2016

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Short reviews of “Room” and “Sicario”

New tech gives stop-motion animation its Oscar moment

Sarah Gopaul @ Digital Journal

  • Excerpt: Stop-motion animation moved into the fast(er) lane when LAIKA studio decided to employ 3D technologies to create its characters’ thousands of faces.

Ten Awesome Forgotten ’90s Movie Songs

Mike McGranaghan @ The Aisle Seat

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