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OFCS members don’t just write film reviews. Here are several articles you might find interesting.

Best of Lists

10 Best — Plus Assorted Others — 2015

Glenn Lovell @

  • Excerpt: The year felt like a prolonged struggle between the Dark Side and the Light, with the latter proving victorious in the end thanks to arrival of two nostalgic reboots and a cheery postcard from Ireland.

The 10 Best Films of 2015

Mark Dujsik @ Mark Reviews Movies

The 10 Best Movies Of 2015, According To Brent

Brent McKnight @ Cinema Blend

10 Weirdest Movies of 2015

Gregory J. Smalley @ 366 Weird Movies

  • Excerpt: Transvestite samurai, Swedish kings, and instructions on how to take a bath await you in this tensome of the year’s most unusual films.

The 5 Worst Films of 2015 in 5 Words or Less

Blake Howard @ Graffiti With Punctuation

  • Excerpt: Here are the five worst films of 2015 in five words or less.

The Best Film of 2015

Rob Daniel @ Electric Shadows

  • Excerpt: Electric Shadows declares its Top 10 of 2015. Which documentary took the top spot?

The Best Films of 2015

Alan Mattli @ The Zurich English Student

  • Excerpt: I count down my favourite films of 2015, based on their Swiss cinema releases.

The Best Films of 2015

Andrew Wyatt @ St. Louis Magazine

  • Excerpt: If it was not previously obvious to filmgoers, 2015 made it abundantly clear that discipline, daring, and dazzle are the reliable paths to cinematic greatness.

Cinema Fearité Presents The Top Ten Horror Movies of 2015

James Jay Edwards @ FilmFracture

Confessions of a Film Freak 2015

Roderick Heath @ Ferdy on Films

  • Excerpt: This year I’ve seen 50 different styles in old hat passed off as genius novelty, and had the feeling many films have been snatched hold of by cinephiles and critics like lifebuoys, talked up in a state of mild desperation. I just haven’t been able to get with the program at all.

James Jay Edwards’ Top Ten Movies of 2015

James Jay Edwards @ FilmFracture

Las Mejores Películas del 2015

Francisco Cangiano @ CineXpress [Spanish]

My Top 10 Movies for 2015

Mark Hobin @ Fast Film Reviews

  • Excerpt: Here are 10 films I really enjoyed in 2015 followed by 10 more honorable mentions. 2015 was a great year, although I seem to say that every year.

Online Film Critics Society Awards 2015

Mark Hobin @ Fast Film Reviews

  • Excerpt: I must say I am as pleased with our choices as I have ever been. I thoroughly enjoyed every movie we nominated for Best Picture.

Top 20 Films of 2015

Ross Miller @ Thoughts On Film

  • Excerpt: As 2015 draws to a close, I run down my top 20 films of the year.

Awards Coverage

Oscar Preview: Precursor Winners & Losers, Week 5

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Looking at the winners & losers of Precursor Week 5.

Oscar Preview: Weekend of Dec. 25-27, 2015

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Examining the Oscar potential of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Son of Saul”


David O. Russell – Joy

Stefan Pape @ HeyUGuys

Tom Hooper – The Danish Girl

Stefan Pape @ HeyUGuys


Heroin: Cape Cod, USA

Sarah D Bunting @ Previously.TV

The Librarians: And the Image of Image

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

The Librarians: And the Infernal Contract

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

The Librarians: And the Point of Salvation

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

Young Sherlock: The Mystery of the Manor House

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan


Tuesdays With Oscar: 1957

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Cafe Texan

  • Excerpt: So, Red Buttons has more competitive Oscars than Cary Grant, Judy Garland, Deborah Kerr, Claude Rains, Barbara Stanwyck, Peter O’Toole, Lauren Bacall, and Edward G. Robinson combined?

Other Articles

2015 in Review: The Best Films of the Year

Pat Mullen @ Cinemablographer

  • Excerpt: Youth, Carol, Sicario, and Phoenix lead the list of 2015’s best films.

2015 Rewind And Re-View

Rob Daniel @ Electric Shadows

  • Excerpt: The good, the bad, and the ugly of movies in 2015 – it’s all here.

2015 Round-Up

Matthew McKernan @ FilmWhinge

  • Excerpt: A round-up of all the films that I didn’t get round to reviewing properly

The Morning After: Dec. 28, 2015

Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight

  • Excerpt: Short review of “Joy”

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