Ferdy on Films Helps Fund Film Preservation

Among the 75 silent films recently uncovered in the New Zealand Film Archive vault are two movies whose restorations are being funded with the support of Ferdy on Films, the blog of OFCS members Marilyn Ferdinand and Roderick Heath.

Earlier this year, Ferdy on Films ran For the Love of Film, a blogathon fundraiser for the National Film Preservation Foundation. Their efforts were successful enough to help fund the restoration of the 1910 one-reeler The Sergeant (Ferdinand calls it “one of the earliest surviving narratives shot on location in Yosemite Valley”) and the 1912 western The Better Man. You can read more about the films – and the blogathon’s role in the ongoing preservation efforts – at Ferdy on Film’s report.

The OFCS congratulates Ferdy on Films and their supporters on helping rescue these long-lost films.

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