criticism news roundup

Tom Roston at Moviefone wonders “Do Movie Critics Still Matter?” when non-pro “critics” can disseminate their “reviews” far and wide, and don’t have to adhere to the embargoes pros do.

Josh Tyler at believes that the “New Poster for The Road Advertises Rolling Stone,” emphasizing one review over the movie itself.

Mark Asch at The L Magazine comes out “In Praise of James Agee” for almost singlehandedly inventing film criticism.

Christopher Beam at Slate answers the question “‘[Best] Film Ever!!!’ How Do Movie Blurbs Work?” by focusing on how studios cherry-pick quotes.

OFCSer Matthew Sorrento at FilmThreat interviews Bright Lights Film Journal editor Gary Morris, who loves the film blogosphere.

Roger Ebert decides that it’s “about time to share some of [his] thoughts about television and movie critics,” and he pulls no punches.

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