criticism news roundup

New York Times critic Manohla Dargis rails against the endemic sexism of Hollywood, and discusses some of the issues that crop up for female film critics.

The New York Film Critics Circle gave a special award to Andrew Sarris for his contribution to film criticism.

Mark Lynch at The Wrap covers “The Last Gasp of the Film Critic,” and proposes that we “get back to writing about and promoting films [we] believe in rather than wasting column inches on a weekly reviewing routine.”

Rachel Abramowitz at The Envelope explains how review aggregators including Rotten Tomatoes can predict the Oscars.

OFCSer Erik Childress at Cinematical doesn’t like it “When Variety Gives Critics A Bad Name,” and ponders the true meaning of the term “critic-proof.”

David Hudson at The Auteurs collects the reaction from critics to the death of legendary Canadian critic Robin Wood.

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