criticism news roundup

Stuart McGurk at the Guardian on explains why he loves the world’s worst film critic: Fiore Mastracci, who’s “so dreadful he’s bordering on genius.”

Matt Zoller Seitz at explains why he believes that David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson are the best critics of the 00s.

Patrick Goldstein at The Big Picture laments the departure of Leah Rozen as People’s resident film critic, “one of the only reasons to read the magazine.”

John Kenneth Muir at his self-named blog contends that “The Death of the Movie Critic is Greatly Exaggerated,” because while anyone can be a critic, “not just anyone can be a good critic.”

Norman Lebrecht at the Sydney Morning Herald discusses “the changing role of the critic in the 21st century,” and why “there has never been a greater need in democratic society for strong, independent arts criticism.”

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