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    49 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. Hi,

      I am 6th grade Language Arts teacher in Emerson, NJ. My students are completing a career project for their end of the year assignment. They were given the task to choose a career they have an interest in and then research and present that career at our career fair. One of our students chose to be a movie critic and I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer her questions via e-mail about being a movie critic? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you!

      Rich Compagnone

    2. Hi there,

      I am a communications graduate who would love to be involved with the organization. I am very passionate about film and cinema. Gaining the experience in film critique will help me reach a much broader goal.

    3. I applied earlier this year under a previous website (Creators/Movie Pilot) and have since launched my own site, which has a sorting feature for all my reviews, even the ones I wrote for Flicksided. Is there anything I need to do with regards to my application since I’ve not yet heard anything? Is my best chance waiting for next year’s application period?

    4. To whom it may concern,

      As an enthusiastic film student, I am currently researching into the depths of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’. When discovering it’s influence on the ‘horror genre’, or one may alternatively argue the ‘slasher genre’, I found myself enthralled by the limitless opinions and thoughts of Psycho’s true effects and intent. So, due to my endless curiosity I was hoping for a few answers, from your opinions of the film and how you would describe it’s influence on the genre. As these are rather generic questions, I have one that I am particularly interested by: Would the horror/slasher genre still be the same without the work’s of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’?

      In much appreciation,

      Hannah Robinson

    5. Dear Online Film Critics Society,

      I will be holding a competition for feature films where the winner will receive UK Distribution and I would be very interested in speaking to you to discuss the Film Critics judging this competition. This competition will be taking place during Film Expo south 2018 and we are currently in planning stages.

      This competition is not currently advertised – awaiting all areas to be signed and sealed.

      Thank you for your time

    6. Dear sir \madame,

      I am a writer in my country and published 7th book. I sometimes write movie critics and articles about films. I have just finished a deconstructive analys and critic on Rocky (1976) in English. I want to send you this article and if it is suitable for your online platform, maybe you would like to publish it.
      Looking forward to hear you
      Thanks in advance
      Kaan Demirdoven

    7. Good afternoon,

      I’m working with the publicity film team on awards submissions this year and I would love to get a full contact list of your current membership so we can send them screening info/screeners of our titles. Do you have that info available?


      Rob Schow
      PMK•BNC | Film Department
      1840 Century Park East Suite 1400 | Los Angeles, CA 90067

      1. We apologize for the lack of response. Our form submission tool was broken and no one noticed until now. We removed identifying information from your post as this is a publicly-available space.

    8. Hi; My name is Demetri Panos. I am a Movie Reviewer on the Popcorn Talk Networks ANATOMY OF A MOVIE and guest host on MEET THE MOVIE PRESS. I have well over 300 Reviews/Interviews under my belt and regular on line presence. I am part of the PopcornTalk Networks Sizzle Reel. I am interviewing Frank Whaley. I submitted an OFCS application in January. I received confirmation email which said I would most likely hear from you after August. I understand you have a lot of submissions to sift through. I was wondering when you would begin notifying potential members. I appreciate your time and consideration.

      1. We apologize for the lack of response. The GC recently went through a new election, so we’re just now digging through old posts that got missed. As new members were already invited, I assume that you were not accepted during our 2017 review period. You are more than welcome to re-apply this year.

    9. Hi there, Can you email me your membership list with contact information. I’m a film publicist out of DFW and have worked in the industry for 37 years, I currently have a client that is a Texas Filmmaker and we will be sending out screeners for his films. If you have questions or need more information please contact me. My inforamtion is as follows: Carole Smith, GaylerSmith Company,

    10. Greetings.

      On behalf of Grasshopper Film, I’m here to request an email list for your critic’s group so that we may send, for viewing and voting purposes, links to our entire 2017 theatrical slate — including the controversial terrorism thriller NOCTURAMA, the Wes Anderson-produced ESCAPES, and the Sundance-winning documentary LAST MEN IN ALEPPO.

      Please provide it when you have the first chance, as we look forward to hearing back.

      Thank you.

    11. Hello. my name is Michael Sweet. I have a movie review podcast” “Eye For An I w/ Mr J” as well as a video-podcast on YouTube: “Mr J’s Big Book Of Movie” I live in Lakewood, Ohio and am wondering if had advice to help launch a film critics career

      1. You might consider contacting individual members, especially those that you’ve read and whose opinions are a good fit for yours. Some are very willing to offer suggestions. As an organization, we are not able to provide advice on such matters.

    12. We are a team of Husband and Wife based in Atlanta metro area. We recently started Guddness Productions and we have now produced our first short film. This no budget short film was produced without any crew members. Just the two of us handled all the aspects from start to finish. The film is listed on IMDb –

      We would like to know if we could get our short film reviewed for feedback / critic. Appreciate if you could let us know or provide an appropriate contact with whom we can follow up.


      1. We do not typically solicit our members for individual projects. You’re welcome to contact individual critics through their member pages here on the website.

    13. Hello-

      Great to see the nominations!

      I have a question about the Ensemble award nominations. Does it apply to just the casting director or to the whole cast?!

      And is this category new for you guys?

      Thank you.

    14. Hello! I am curious to know all of your opinions on how to get started as a film critic. I’ve been dreaming of becoming a film critic for a while and as an avid movie fan/viewer, I need to get my foot in the door. Any advice on where to start out?

    15. Hello, I’m intending to fill out an application in a few days’ time. I know that there is an option to submit a list of reviews as a document, if the archives linked do not exclusively list reviews by the writer.

      I write for more than one site. The form is worded to discuss “website” in the singular, as if a list can only archive one website’s selections at a time. I’m assuming that it would be permissible to list reviews from all websites I contribute to on this list together, but I thought I would check to ask if they should be sorted/differentiated somehow.


    16. Hello! Do you provide rosters for potential film coverage? I represent a number of independent films and would love to be able to contact your membership to make them aware of these worthy releases. Thanks!

    17. Hi Folks,

      I got a new computer and lost the link to post reviews on OFCS. Can you send it? BTW, is there any members sign-in page?

      Thanks, Ron

    18. Hi,

      The membership application is already open? Because, on the formulary, its written: THE APPLICATION PROCESS IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. ANY APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED BEFORE THE PROCESS OPENS (FEBRUARY 1, 2018) WILL BE IGNORED.

      Sorry for any mistakes in my english.

      Victor Martins

    19. Hey OFCS!

      My name is Alex Haughey, and I directed a Sci-Fi film called Prodigy, which is set for DVD and digital release on March 13. I have seen you guys spotlight smaller, indie fare before, and we would love to get some reviews to help promote the release.

      We capped an award-winning festival run in December, and are excited to get the movie out to a wider audience. The film is a contained thriller with some Twilight Zone edge. Here is a brief synopsis:

      A secret branch of the military calls upon psychologist James Fonda to take the case of a dangerous patient, nine-year-old Ellie. As their session begins, the young girl dissects Dr. Fonda’s unconventional methods, revealing her genius-level intellect. Only by challenging her to a battle of wits does Fonda begin to unravel the supernatural mystery surrounding Ellie — a deadly secret that threatens to destroy them both.

      You can read more about the film and watch our trailer on FB, IMDb, or our website. Please let me know the best way to get in touch with your critics, and I will send over a screener link to any who are intersted. Thank you.

      Alex Haughey

    20. Hello,

      I’m writing a dissertation on the effect of online film reviews and I’m wondering if I could have an interview with anybody from the society.


    21. Hi,

      I am interested in becoming a member, and had some questions regarding the eligibility criteria.

      I currently have my own website where I write film & TV reviews for films from the American and Canadian film industries. ( I also am a contributing staff writer for another website, where I write film reviews for films from the Indian Industry. (

      I wanted to clarify something about your eligibility criteria: Would the 50 reviews be combined within these two websites, seeing how my time and efforts are divided among both sites? Or would they have to be 50 reviews from my own website?

      Also, I realize that, for the 2018 application process, the reviews would need to be posted prior to January 2018. However, within what time frame would the 50 reviews need to be filled? 2 years? Or would you go further back?

      Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

      Thank you.

      Shah Shahid

    22. Hello OFCS!
      After receiving a lovely review from one of your own -Betty Jo Tucker- about my film “Counterfeiters” I am reaching out to see if you can help me get in touch with other members of the OFCS! I’d love for as many people to watch and review my film as possible! Anything that you can do to help me would be forever appreciated!!!

      Thanks so much! Bryce Hirschberg “Counterfeiters”

    23. Good morning,

      I was looking at the qualifications to apply for society membership this year, and I was wondering if the fifty-plus reviews have to be from the same publication or could they be dispersed among two?

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