classics update

Classic films our members are watching:

A.J. Hakari reviews Army of Darkness (1992), Cabaret (1972), Christmas in Connecticut (1945), A Christmas Story (1983), Dracula (1931 Spanish version), Sex & Fury (1973), and Samurai Spy (1965)

John J. Puccio reviews A Walk in the Sun (1945) and The Canterville Ghost (1944)

Glenn Erickson reviews The Next Voice You Hear… (1950)

Rich Cline reviews The Queen of Spades (1949)

Dan Jardine reviews African Queen (1951), Maltese Falcon (1941), and It’s a Wonderful Life (1941)

Dennis Schwartz reviews Radio Days (1987)

Michael E. Grost reviews Great Day in the Morning (1956)

Roderick Heath reviews Black Christmas (1974)

Steve Biodrowski reviews Scrooge (1951)

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