Classics Update

Classic films our members are watching:

Glenn Erickson reviews Central Airport, The Last Flight, and Vivra sa vie at DVD Savant

Phil Hall reviews Doctor Zhivago and The Fantasticks at

James Kendrick reviews The Fugitive Kind and Ride With the Devil at The QNetwork

Christopher Long reviews M Ride with the Devil and Vivre sa vie at

John J. Puccio reviews Escape from L.A. and Saving Private Ryan at DVDTown

Dennis Schwartz reviews Girl With A Suitcase, Mother and Son, and Three Songs About Lenin at Ozus’ World Movie Reviews

Nathan Shumate reviews The Bloody Judge and The Giant Gila Monster at Cold Fusion Video Reviews

Cole Smithey reviews The Shining at

Eric D. Snider discusses The Blues Brothers at Cinematical and Vertigo at

Also, Steve Biodrowski takes a look at movies villains from years past whose deaths have provoked a tear at Cinefantastique

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