Classics and Other Films on DVD (Sep. 29, 2014)

Here are our latest reviews of films on DVD.

Reviews of Classic Films


Kristen Lopez @ Journeys in Classic Film

The Innocents

Tony Dayoub @ Cinema Viewfinder

  • Excerpt: Disquieting, if not necessarily horrifying, THE INNOCENTS is a psychosexual take on THE TURN OF THE SCREW.

Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Gregory J. Smalley @ 366 Werid Movies

  • Excerpt: Wes Anderson’s most interesting and strangest movie.

Macbeth (1971)

Tony Dayoub @ Cinema Viewfinder

  • Excerpt: 1971’s MACBETH is one of Polanski’s most unjustly maligned movies, perhaps because of its unapologetic wallowing in dark themes coming so closely after the murder of Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate by the Manson Family. That it was Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s first and ultimately only venture into cinema may have been another reason.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Gregory J. Smalley @ 366 Werid Movies

  • Excerpt: This gauzy meditation on sexual repression and loss can have a hypnotic effect on those susceptible to its mysterious moods, while others find it an inconclusive bore. Both sides have an argument, but in general, the good here outweighs the bland.

Recent Home Video Releases


Peter Nellhaus @ Coffee Coffee and more Coffee

The Innocents

Jordan M. Smith @

  • Excerpt: Following the Academy attention getting success of his 1959 film Room at the Top, Clayton pursued the rights to “The Turn of the Screw” only to find that 20th Century Fox held them through the acquisition of William Archibald’s stage adaptation of the book, “The Innocents,” which he was happy to have his acquaintance Truman Capote adapt into a proper throwback southern gothic ghost story that subverted genre expectations of the Hammer happy period by painting The Innocents as a strikingly transgressive tale of misappropriated youth and psycho-sexual illusions.

Stunt Squad

Peter Nellhaus @ Coffee Coffee and more Coffee

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Budd Wilkins @ Slant Magazine

  • Excerpt: Accept no substitutes: Tobe Hooper’s original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre still cuts the competition to the bone. Dark Sky Films’ deluxe four-disc package offers fans an ideal way to celebrate 40 years of bloody mayhem.

Other Reviews from 2012 and earlier

Cause for Alarm

Edgar Chaput @ Sound on Sight


James Jay Edwards @ FilmFracture

  • Excerpt: Cinema Fearité Presents ‘Evilspeak’ – Clint Howard In A Crazy Satanic Computer Movie

Flesh and The Spur

Dennis Schwartz @ Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews

The Invisible Wall

Dennis Schwartz @ Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews


Dennis Schwartz @ Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews

Queen Margot

Oktay Ege Kozak @ DVD Talk

The Room

Jason Bailey @ Flavorwire

  • Excerpt: Tommy Wiseau is such a bizarre and inexplicable onscreen presence, between his Gene Simmons/Brad Dourif-as-Grima-Wormtongue look and his impenetrable accent and his eccentric line readings — which veer from weirdly overwrought (“YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, LISA!”) to incongruently offhand (“I did not hit her, it’s not true! It’s bullshit! I did not hit her! I did not! Oh, hi Mark”) — that his infinitely meme-able performance helps the picture transcend from mere, boring blandness to borderline surrealism.


Donald Levit @ ReelTalk Movie Reviews

Star Trek: The Compendium

Tony Dayoub @ Cinema Viewfinder

  • Excerpt: The just released set includes both films and every single extra created for each all spread out across four Blu-ray discs. The video and audio quality are superb.

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