Classics and Other Films on DVD (Feb. 17, 2014)

Here are our latest reviews of films on DVD.

Reviews of Classic Films

A Chorus Line

Dusty Somers @ Cinema Sentries


Sean Axmaker @ Turner Classic Movies

  • Excerpt: It’s a little shaggy when compared to his Spider-Man movies, more in line with the anything-goes approach of Army of Darkness, endearingly sloppy with details and filled with invention flourishes and a film-lover’s fun when it comes to playing with genre conventions.

The Epic of Everest

Dusty Somers @ World Cinema Paradise


Josh Spiegel @ Sound on Sight

Fantasia 2000

Josh Spiegel @ Sound on Sight

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Sean Axmaker @ Turner Classic Movies

  • Excerpt: There’s an admirable modernity amidst the old-fashioned elegance of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947), a romantic ghost story with a strong-willed young widow and the salty but gentlemanly spirit of a sea captain.

The Jungle Book

Josh Spiegel @ Sound on Sight

The Legend of Suram Fortress

Gregory J. Smalley @ 366 Weird Movies

  • Excerpt: …like flipping through a beautiful old illustrated fairy tale storybook written in a language we don’t understand.

The Long Day Closes

Jamie S. Rich @ Criterion Confessions

  • Excerpt: To describe The Long Day Closes is to try to summarize the plotless. Davies’ film recreates his childhood growing up in 1950s Liverpool. It’s a string of anecdotes filtered through memory.

Many Wars Ago

Dusty Somers @ World Cinema Paradise

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)

Jamie S. Rich @ DVD Talk

  • Excerpt: Mamet’s script could almost be divided in half. There is the stuff leading up to the murder, and then the aftermath of the crime and what happens when these two volatile people are stuck with each other with no one to come in between.

Reflections in a Golden Eye

Carson Lund @ Are the Hills Going to March Off?

  • Excerpt: Framed in widescreen, obscured by a great deal of shadow or forest haze, and scored to a creeping, tension-filled medley of flutes, clarinets, strings, and glockenspiels by Toshirô Mayuzumi (the composer for several key films by Mizoguchi, Oshima, and Imamura), Reflections drifts along like a dream, with many muggy lulls punctuated by sudden bursts of heightened emotion.


Dusty Somers @ Blogcritics

Tomorrow Night

Edwin Davies @ A Mighty Fine Blog

  • Excerpt: In the end, Tomorrow Night winds up feeling like a series of arbitrary, off-kilter events which happen to a collection of grotesques. That’d be fine if the film itself was, on average, pretty funny, and while it does have some moments that are really, really amusing, it lacks either the comedic consistency or the genuine warmth to get away with how weird and off-putting a lot of it is.

Toy Story

Josh Spiegel @ Sound on Sight

Recent Home Video Releases

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Sean Axmaker @ Turner Classic Movies

  • Excerpt: … a character piece about the foolish things people do for love, directed from a script that plays as if all the exposition has been edited out.


M. Enois Duarte @ High-Def

Chastity Bites

Peter Nellhaus @ Coffee Coffee and more Coffee

Dallas Buyers Club

Sean Axmaker @ Cinephiled

  • Excerpt: Matthew McConaughey is so good in “Dallas Buyers Club” that he shows up the limitations of this based-on-true-events drama.

How I Live Now

Jamie S. Rich @ DVD Talk

  • Excerpt: A high-minded entry in the post-apocalyptic teen genre, Kevin Macdonald’s adaptation of Meg Rosoff’s How I Live Now lowballs it on just about every aspect that makes these kinds of stories interesting.

The Hunt

Sean Axmaker @ Turner Classic Movies

  • Excerpt: It’s uncompromising and uncomfortable, a film that had me knotted up in anxiety yet unable to turn away, and it’s Vinterberg’s best film since The Celebration.

The Hunt

Susan Granger @

  • Excerpt: Profoundly disturbing psychologocal drama…

On the Job

Peter Nellhaus @ Coffee Coffee and more Coffee

A Single Shot

Brent McKnight @ Pop Matters

  • Excerpt: ‘A Single Shot’ has potential, but bogs down in mumbled noir shoe-gazing.


Sean Axmaker @ Cinephiled

  • Excerpt: [T]he first feature film produced in Saudi Arabia and the country’s first submission to the Oscars, did not make the final cut, but it is just as worthy as any of the nominated films I’ve seen.

Other Reviews from 2011 and earlier


Jean-François Vandeuren @ [French]


James Wegg @ JWR

  • Excerpt: Its theatrical roots translate surprisingly well to the big screen…

Eve of Destruction

Brett Gallman @ Oh, the Horror!

Fujimi Orchestra: Cold Front Conductor

James Wegg @ JWR

  • Excerpt: In Satoshi Kaneda’s marvellously paced and crafted take on a music-laden love triangle, the stereotypical situations and characterizations are, thankfully, much more avoided than embraced

Marketa Lazarova

Dennis Schwartz @ Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews

Night of the Demons

M. Enois Duarte @ High-Def

Pennies from Heaven

Marilyn Ferdinand @ Ferdyn Films

  • Excerpt: The Herbert Ross-MGM “Pennies from Heaven” largely transforms Dennis Potter’s very dark tale into a literal homage to 1930s musicals, with 17 different musical numbers.

Sorority Party Massacre

Brett Gallman @ Oh, the Horror!

Two Weeks Notice

M. Enois Duarte @ High-Def

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