2009 top 10s from OFCS members: part 4

Dan Lybarger, KC Active: “The Best and Worst Film of 2009”

Dave Cornelius, eFilmCritic: “The Best Films of 2009”

Tyler Foster, The Following Preview: “Top 10 of 2009”

Kent Turner, Film-Forward.com: “The Best of 2009”

MaryAnn Johanson, FlickFilosopher.com: “Top 10 Movies of 2009: The Whys and Wherefores”

Steven Greydanus, Decent Films Guide: “2009: The Year in Reviews”

Anders Wotzke, Cut Print Review: “The Best and Worst Films of 2009”

A.J. Hakari, Review Express: “Top Ten & Worst Five of 2009”

Mark R. Leeper: “My Top Ten Films of 2009”

Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures: “The 10 Best Films of 2009” and “The 10 Worst Films of 2009”

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